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Physician Extenders

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Physician extenders are health care professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. As part of their comprehensive responsibilities, physician extenders conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventive health care, assist in surgery, and implement treatment plans windows 10 gadgets. Physician extenders exercise autonomy in medical decision making and provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. A physician extenders practice may also include education, research, and administrative services 이별을 배웠어 다운로드.

Amanda A. Faile, ACNP

Amanda A <a class=windows 10 gadgets. Faile, ACNP" width="145" height="177" />Amanda A. Faile, RN, ACNP received her Masters Science in Nursing degree from the University of South Carolina, where she also received her... Read More about Amanda A. Faile, ACNP

Kristy Halasy, PA-C

Kristy L windows 10 gadgets. Halasy, PA-C graduated from the Physician Assistant program at Cuyahoga Community College in northeastern Ohio.  She... Read More about Kristy Halasy, PA-C

Kim L. Waldenmaier, FNP-C


Kim L windows 10 gadgets. Waldenmaier, FNP-C received her Masters of Science in Nursing degree from Clemson University. She received her undergraduate degree in... Read More about Kim L. Waldenmaier, FNP-C