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Health Screening

Early detection of diseases has given us the opportunity to treat health issues before they get out of control. Today, there are more affordable screening tools available to find a disease before symptoms are even present. For instance, breast cancer deaths have steadily declined over the past decade due to better screening guidelines and the advancements in technology.

Related Information

Calcium Scoring

Calcium Scoring is evaluated by using Cardiac CT, which is performed by using a multi-slice CT (computed tomography) scanner. CT is an abbreviation for computed tomography, which is a valuable diagnostic medical exam that combines X-rays and computers. A CT scan gives the radiologist a non-surgical way to see inside your body. Read More

Bone Density Screening

A Bone Density Screening, also called a Densitometry or DXA scan, evaluates if you have osteoporosis or may be at risk for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a silent, progressive disease characterized by decreased bone density, increased bone fragility and greater risk of fracture. Read More


Mammography is a tool that is used to screen for breast cancer. The black-and-white images that are taken appear in seconds on a computer screen for review. Mammography is our best resource for early detection of breast cancer and to lower the risk of breast cancer deaths. Read More